Thursday, August 5, 2010


  •               In the year 2010,  Shravana Masam  starts from August 11 and ends on September 8thShravana masa is the most important month to perform Lakshmi pujas.  This month is considered very auspicious and numerous festivals are held in this month. 
  •  I will be posting rituals related to these festivals here accordingly.

  • Mondays of Sravana Masam is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
    Mangala Gowri Vrata is observed on Tuesdays in the month of Sravana by women.
    Fridays in Shravana sukravaram is dedicated to Goddess Lakshimi.
    Saturdays are dedicated to Lord Shani and Lord Balaji.
    The birthday of Lord Krishna is observed in the month and therefore many people consider the month highly auspicious and perform numerous functions like Grihpravesh etc.
    Shravan Poornima is observed as Raksha Bandhan.
    Below is the list of dates and festivals :

  • 11 August 2010 - Shravana Shuklaa Masa Starts

  • 13th August 2010  (Friday) - Shravana Masa Shukravara Lakshmi Pooja / Nagara Chaturthi

  • 14th August 2010 – Nagara Panchami

  • 17th August 2010 (Tuesday) - Mangala Gowri

  • 20th August 2010  Varalakshmi Vratham Link                                           And   Shravana Masa Shukravara Lakshmi Pooja / Ekadasi

  • 23rd August 2010 – Rig Deva Upakarma / Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Festival 

  • 24th August 2010 (Tuesday) – Mangala Gowri /Yajurveda Upakarma / Raksha Bandhan / Rakhi Festival

  • 27th August 2010  (Friday )- Shravana Masa Shukravara Lakshmi Pooja

  • 31st August 2010 (Tuesday) - Mangala Gowri

  • 1st September 2010 – Sri Krishna Janmashtami/ Gokulashtami

  • 3rd September 2010 (Friday) - Shravana Masa Shukravara Lakshmi Pooja

  • 4th September 2010 - Ekadasi

  • 7th September 2010 (Tuesday) - Mangala Gowri

  • 8th September 2010 – Sravana Amavasya

Note: one can post slokas or any related information in the comment section , so that it will be useful for all of us to learn something new.


  1. Wow very handy calender for Sravana Masam. Thanks Dipika. It is indeed very useful for those who do several vratas and poojas during Sravana Masam.

  2. True Vasavi and ur always welcome to post any links or slokas here. Easy access for all of us!!

  3. Thanks for the calender Deepika, u r the perfect blend of Modern High-Tech Life Style and Indian Traditional Life Style !!! In this almost like 10 yrs of life in States I found few people like u, so miss u, when u move out of Sunnyvale.

  4. Hey Thanks Much Ramani...for all your lovely words..Even I miss all u guys..But will make sure to visit sunnyvale once in a month and meet u guys and relish ur specials :)

  5. Thank for posting the calender Dipika. Came across your blog while searching for Shravana shukravara pooje. It really helps when you are away from home and have no idea until somebody from home calls and tells you that today is a certain festival.