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Sri Swarna Gowri Vratha Vidhana - Sep 10, 2010

Swarna Gowri Vratha Vidhana:

16 Knots Thread Procedure :

A thread with 16 knots, dipped in turmeric, (Haldi) is kept on the betel leaf and worshipped with the idol of Gowri. 

Dhorabandhana sthothra: 
Bhakthu Priye Mahaadevi 
Sarvaishwarya Pradhaayini 
Soothramthu Dhaara Ishyaami 
Mama Abheeshtam sadhaakuru !! 

Shodasha granThiahitham 
GuNai ShodaSha Bheeryutham 
Haridraa Pushpasahitham 
DhOram Samsthaapayaamithe !! 

For each knot ( Dhora Grandhi), one naamaavaLi is recited , 
offering Gandha ,Pushpa
1. SwarNa Gowrai NAMAH 
Prathama GrandhiM Poojayaami 

2. Mahaa Goarai NAMAH 
Dwiteeya GrandhiM Poojayaami 

3. Kaatyaayinai NAMAH 
Truteeya GrandhiM Poojayaami 

4. Kaumaraai NAMAH 
Chaturta GrandhiM Poojayaami 

5. Bhadraai NAMAH 
Panchamam GrandhiM Poojayaami 

6. ViShNu Sodarai NAMAH 
ShaShTha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

7. ManagaLaDevatai NAMAH 
Saptamam GrandhiM Poojayaami 

8. Raakenduvadanaayai NAMAH 
AShThama GrandhiM Poojayaami 

9.Chandrashekharapatneai NAMAH 
Navama GrandhiM Poojayaami 

10.VishvEShwarapriyaai NAMAH 
Dashama GrandhiM Poojayaami 

11.DaakShayiNai NAMAH 
Ekaadasha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

12.KrishNavENai NAMAH 
Dwaadasha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

13.Bhavaanai NAMAH 
TrayOdasha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

14.Lolalochanaai NAMAH 
Chaturdasha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

15.Menakaatmajaai NAMAH 
panchadasha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

16.Sri SwarNa Gowrai NAMAH 
ShODasha GrandhiM Poojayaami 

After pooja , the custom is that they give “ maradha baagina” to suhaasinis. 
Pooja Vidhana :
On this day, Hindu women and young girts are in new/grand traditional attire. They make either jalagauri or arishinadagauri (a symbolic idol of Gowri made of turmeric) and bestow her for Puja. These days ready-made beautifully painted and decorated clay idols of Goddess Gowri can be bought along with Ganesha statues, at the local market.
The goddess’ idol is mounted in a plate, with a cereal (rice or wheat) in it. According to the Vrata, Asthis pooje is to be performed with 'suchi' (cleanliness) and 'shraddhe' (dedication). A mantapa, generally decorated with banana stem and mango leaves, is built around the idol. The Gauri is decorated with decorations made of cotton, vastra(silk cloth/saree), flowers garlands, and ladies get their 'gauridaara' (a sacred thread with 16 knots ) tied to their right wrists, as blessings of gauri and as part of the vratha. At least 5 baginas are prepared as part of the vratha.
Each baagina usually contains a packet of arshina (turmeric), kumkuma(vermilion) , black bangles, black beads (used in the mangalsutra), a comb, a small mirror, baLe bicchoLe, coconut, blouse piece, dhaanya (cereal), rice, tur dal, green dal, wheat or rava and jaggery cut in a cube form. The bagina is offered in a traditional mora (winnow painted with turmeric). One such bagina is offered to Goddess Gowri and set aside. The remaining Gowri baaginas are given to married women.                                                                                    
Refer to the link and perform the pooja : 
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